Cleaning Specialist Manager

Help us congratulate Alli on her most recent promotion! Alli, has been with SheSoClean since coming home from the US Army! She is learning all aspects of the company to one day fulfill the dream of owning her own branch! As we continue to grow, Alli will be training all of our new hires and helping to keep schedules updated! Congratulations, to our new Cleaning Specialist Manager!!


Lead Cleaning Specialist

Help us WELCOME, Lori to our team of Cleaning Specialists! Lori, has a sweet demeanor and will be a perfect addition to cleaning team! Lori is training to be a Lead Cleaning Specialist and is looking forward to leading her own team! We are so excited about how she has jumped into our family!


CEO and Founder

SheSoClean is the brainchild of Founder and CEO, Sheree Haubrich. Sheree, was born and raised in Reading, Pa. An alumni of Reading Senior High School ('97) She grew up like most girls in urban areas in a single parent home, where her mother would clean homes and offices weekly in order to pay household bills and to keep food on the table. It was not until Sheree, experienced some life changing tragedies that she revisited this familiar "side hustle" to help make ends meet for her own family. After only 2 years of working full-time and cleaning on the side, Sheree was able to leave her position as a Mortgage Processor/Underwriter to fulfill her childhood dream of being an entrepreneur. Together with her crew, SheSoClean is able to service over 200 clients, within the Reading and Berks County Area as they are committed to doing their part in providing preventive health care throughout the pandemic.