Relax On Laundry Day

Relax On Laundry Day

Use our laundry delivery service in Reading, PA

Why lose a whole day doing laundry when you can hire SheSoClean Cleaning and Laundry Services to do it for you instead? Get more time to yourself when you hire us for laundry services in Reading, PA. We complete laundry delivery services so you can free up your week. We want you to find time to relax and enjoy being free of chores.

Schedule a laundry pick-up by calling us today.

We follow a simple 3-step process

Our laundry delivery service in Reading, PA is super convenient and doesn't influence your schedule at all. Our team follows an easy process that includes:

  • 1. Pick-up: we'll grab your clothes, even if you're away
  • 2. Cleaning: we'll wash, dry and fold your clothes quickly
  • 3. Drop-off: we'll coordinate a good drop-off time so you have your clothes ASAP
Can't stand to do another load of laundry? Contact us at 484-709-2492 to set up a laundry pick-up date.